Project has an overall objective:

Halting loss of biodiversity and degradation of ecosystem services in the Bay of Santander and restore them insofar as possible by creating green and blue infraestructure (GI&BI) “Green Belt Bay of Santander”, which will provide ecosystem services society in general and, specifically, people of the Bay of Santander. Objective related to the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020 (2020 Headline Goal and Objetives 2 and 5); also related to the objectives of Regulation EU Nº 1293/2013 concerning the LIFE Programme to support better environmental governance (Article 3, point c) and contribute to development of the EU Strategy on Biodiversity (Article 11, point a).

Project´s Specific Objectives:

  • Designing the Green Belt Bay of Santander, meant to be permanent and long-term sustainability, developing appropriate management tools and funding.
  • Restoring characteristic ecosystems of the Bay of Santander, including removal of invasive alien species.
  • Improving the connectivity of natural areas of Bay of Santander, from ecological point of view and sustainable mobility, allowing unite areas make the GI&BI “Green Belt Bay of Santander” among themselves and between natural areas and cities.
  • Raising public awareness on natural, cultural, social values Santander Bay through the GI&BI Green Belt Bay of Santander, placing value on the territory as a sustainable tourist destination.
  • Foster expansion of the Green Belt Bay of Santander searching for land stewardship agreements with owners of public and private land.