The Project will be done in 48 months. It has 30 actions. It will be executed by FNYH and MARE. FNYH offers Eco-museo Fluviarium to education activities and environmental awareness and El Pendo nursery in order to product native plants to be used in restoration actions. FNYH accumulated experience of over 15 years in environmental restoration works in Bay of Santander. Project´s actions allow creating a new green and blue infrastructure to be called “Green Belt Bay of Santander”. The main actions are summarized in following:

  • Green Belt delimitation and rezone.
  • Main ecosystems of Santander Bay restoration: coastal wetlands, inland wetlands, relict holm oaks and islands of Bay of Santander.
  • Invasive species removal. Cortaderia selloana and Baccharis halimifolia will be priority to be eradicated. Connectivity areas will be important to remove invasive plants.
  • Constant search for custody agreements and achievement of objectives will ensure project sustainability.
  • Project communication and dissemination will focus on an ambitious environmental education program. It aims to highlight Green Belt in daily life of local people.
  • Project has a planning tourism action that it aims to convert Green Belt in a new tourist resource. It will also contribute to tourism diversification and employment.